A multi-purpose blockchain integrated smartphone with mobile mining capabilities designed to connect the user to various mobile applications and network providers. The Exenox Smartphone is designed for ease of blockchain to mobile integration and use.

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Account creation on the Exenox platform is easy and fast. The platform requires minimal details from the user.


Refer a friend and get upto 10% of their total investment. Earn in BTC, ETH or EXNX according to your choice of currency.

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Easy to use passive income platform with minimal risks. Earn from a pool of high performing Cloud Miners.



The EXNX token is

About Exenox

The Blockchain Smartphone Ecosystem

A multi-purpose blockchain integrated smartphone ecosystem with mobile mining capabilities designed to connect the user to various mobile applications and network providers. The Exenox Smartphone is designed for ease of blockchain to mobile integration and use


The Blockchain Powered Smart Phone Ecosystem. Driven By Innovation.

The core of the Exenox Mobile project is to design, brand and create affordable blockchain-integrated mobile devices with high technological requirements that offer durability and excellent usability spurring a friendly ecosystem that makes life easier and smarter.

The Exenox products target both the developed and the emerging markets with ease to acquire and afford but maintaining high quality with strict adherence to the industry standards.

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The Miner

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An easy to use privacy guaranteed multiple cryptocurrency cloud mining application.


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The exenox mobile miner is an easy to use crypto miner for generating passive income for our trusted community. The mobile miner uses the Proof Of Relevance (POR) Mechanism to dynamically allocate tokens to member nodes depending on their relevance. The Miner analyses a node by taking the following into account: Transactions (Number of transactions, Transaction type {rcx and stx}), EXNX Portfolio and Time as the major constraints in token allocation. Using the cloud mining to generate exenox tokens does not employ the detrimental use of the mobile phones' resources (The RAM and CPU), rather it uses the Exenox Server for it's operations.

The Exenox Miner has the capacity to mine BTC, Ethereum, Tron and Litecoin. More currencies will be added in due time.

Road Map

The Exenox

Our vision is to develop a broad ecosystem supporting a variety of applications and partners.

The Exenox Token

Super Deflationary with multiple use

The Exenox Token (EXNX) is a deflationary TRC20 Smart Contact built on the Tron blockchain. The entire Exenox Mobile project is powered by the EXNX which allows majority of the operations to be carried out.


  • Free Distribution
  • Mining Reserve
  • Team & Advisers
  • Private Donations
  • Strategic Partners
  • Bounty & Marketing


Pricing & values


Exenox Mobile

Token Technology

TRC20 Smart Contract

Token Symbol :


Token Decimals :
Maximum Supply

5 Million EXNX

Available Supply

2 Million EXNX

Contract Address


0.01 ETH

Acceptable Currency :

BTC, Eth

Ongoing Campaign

Exchange Listing

Our Exchange Listing Campaign has started. Do not miss out on the 30% bonus. All remaining tokens will be distributed among participants of this round.

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The Litepaper

Download our litepaper to read more about our project. Our litepaper contains an apt summary of the Exenox Project. More details will be released with our whitepaper. Contact us via any of the given channels if you have any questions, opinion or suggestions

Review Exenox Litepaper, send us suggestions regarding any of our applications/products and get rewards from the exenox team up to $1,000.00 worth of Exenox tokens.

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EXNX Migrates to Tron!

All ERC20 tokens will be swapped for the new TRC20 smart contract. Please stick with the guide on our announcement chanel to swap your tokens as we will soon release token swap details. Join our announcment chanel for more